Peru La Palestina Bourbon

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Flavour Notes: Pink Lady, Grape, Cane Sugar
Roast Degree: Light
Region: San Jose de Alto, Cajamarca

Farmer: Jose Praxedes Alarcon Coronel 
Altitude: 1,769 masl
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Wahsed


Sweetness 7.5/10 - Cane Sugar
Acidity 7.5/10 - Pink Lady
Body 7.5/10 - Smooth
Balance 7.5/10 -Balanced, Clean


La Palestina is located near the village of El Triunfo in the San Jose de Alto district of Cajamarca, Peru. Previously cow pastures, Juan Alarcon Gonzales and Sobeida Coronel Martinez felt this land could have great potential for growing coffee, so in 1951, they purchased it and started to work in it. 


Over the years, around 1990, the baton passed on to their sons Juan, Jose, and Annibal. The three agreed they could take the production to the next level and soon introduced a few changes to all systems and facilities, with a particular focus on elevating the quality and reducing their environmental impact.


Slowly but surely, they earned a reputation in Peru’s specialty coffee growing scene—a fact materialised with a spot within the top 20 producers of the 2019 Peruvian Cup Of Excellence.

Espresso Recipe

Yield 56-60g
Temp93-94 °c
Time17-19 secs
EK dial 
Range 1-160.8
Range 1-111.45
Range 1-222.1


1:2.6 ~ 2.7

-Synesso MVP 
Pre-infusion 0.0sec / Pulse 390-400 (52-54g out)
Ramp up 4.0 sec / Ramp down 80%

-Linea PB / KB 90 
Pre-infusion 0.0sec / ABR 50.0g / Pulse 380-390

Brewing Recipe

- V60 or Pourover 

3 pour without agitation.

2:45 ~ 3:00 Brew

Pour 50g(ml)

At 0:35 pour until 150g(ml)

At 1:10 pour until 230g(ml)

After finish brew, add 15g(ml) water into coffee

Yield 250ml
Ek dial 
Range 1-1611.2
Range 1-118.2
Range 1-2215.1

- Moccamaster or Breville Brewer

Yield 1000ml
Ek dial 
Range 1-1613.2
Range 1-119.4
Range 1-2217.8

- Fetco

Yield 2000ml
Ek dial 
Range 1-1614.2
Range 1-1110.2
Range 1-2219.0