Kenya Miroroma AA

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Flavour Notes: Blackcurrant, Peach, Chocolate
Roast Degree: Light
Region: Githiga, Kangema, Central Kenya

Farm: Miroroma Factory
Altitude: 1,890 masl
Variety: SL28, SL34, Batian
Process: Washed


Sweetness 7.5/10 - Honey
Acidity 8/10 - Juicy berries 
Body 7.5/10 - Full, smooth
Balance 8/10 -Complex


Miroroma Factory is located in Kangema, Central Kenya. 


It is composed of over 1000 small farmer producers around area, the region is known for producing coffee with bright citrus acidity, and full-body with dark chocolate and black currant flavours. 


This factory provides an essential source of income and structure to the community. The farmers are given numbers of welfare for sustainable living and security, such as, advances for school fees, farm input and other emergency, training and field days by ministry of agriculture and agrochemicals companies for farmers. 


Espresso Recipe

Yield 56-60g
Temp92-93 °c
Time17-19 secs
EK dial 
Range 1-160.8
Range 1-111.45
Range 1-222.1


1:2.6 ~ 2.7

-Synesso MVP 
Pre-infusion 0.0sec / Pulse 390-400 (52-54g out)
Ramp up 4.0 sec / Ramp down 80%

-Linea PB / KB 90 
Pre-infusion 0.0sec / ABR 50.0g / Pulse 380-390

Brewing Recipe

- V60 or Pourover 

3 pour without agitation.

2:45 ~ 3:00 Brew

Pour 50g(ml)

At 0:35 pour until 150g(ml)

At 1:10 pour until 230g(ml)

After finish brew, add 15g(ml) water into coffee

Yield 250ml
Ek dial 
Range 1-1611.2
Range 1-118.2
Range 1-2215.1

- Moccamaster or Breville Brewer

Yield 1000ml
Ek dial 
Range 1-1613.2
Range 1-119.4
Range 1-2217.8

- Fetco

Yield 2000ml
Ek dial 
Range 1-1614.2
Range 1-1110.2
Range 1-2219.0