Ethiopia Banko Chelchele Washed

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Flavour Notes: Blackberry, Lemon, Maple Syrup 
Roast Degree: Light

Producer: Atinafu Baleta
Region: Yirgacheffe, Gedeb Woreda
Altitude: 2,000 - 2,200 masl
Variety: Heirloom
Process: Washed


Sweetness 8/10 - Maple Syrup
Acidity 8/10 - Mild, Lemon and Berries
Body 7.5/10 - Delicate
Balance 8/10 - Clean, Sweet finish


Atinafu Baleta, a resident of the Uraga Shakiso district, plays a pivotal role in the coffee production process. He collaborates with around 670 local smallholder farmers from Yabito Tome village. These farmers cultivate small plots of land, typically less than 2.5 hectares, situated at high elevations ranging from 1,800 to 2,150 masl. The coffee thrives under the nurturing shade of the native forest, creating a unique microclimate.


The ripe cherries harvested by the local farmers find their way to the wet mill, where Atinafu Baleta ensures meticulous sorting, pulping, fermentation, washing, and drying processes are executed to perfection.


The coffee produced here presents a delightful cupping profile characterized by mild, wine-like acidity, fruity notes reminiscent of fruit juice, a round and clean body, and a finish marked by lingering floral and fresh fruit nuances.


Espresso Recipe

Yield 56-60g
Temp93-94 °c
Time17-19 secs
EK dial 
Range 1-160.8
Range 1-111.45
Range 1-222.1


1:2.7 ~ 2.8

-Synesso MVP 
Pre-infusion 0.0sec / Pulse 400-410 (54-56g out)
Ramp up 4.0 sec / Ramp down 80%

-Linea PB / KB 90 
Pre-infusion 0.0sec / ABR 50.0g / Pulse 400-405

Brewing Recipe

- V60 or Pourover 

3 pour without agitation.

2:45 ~ 3:00 Brew

Pour 45g(ml)

At 0:35 pour until 150g(ml)

At 1:10 pour until 250g(ml)

Yield 250ml
Ek dial 
Range 1-1611.2
Range 1-118.2
Range 1-2215.1

- Moccamaster or Breville Brewer

Yield 1000ml
Ek dial 
Range 1-1613.2
Range 1-119.4
Range 1-2217.8

- Fetco

Yield 2000ml
Ek dial 
Range 1-1614.2
Range 1-1110.2
Range 1-2219.0