Colombia Manuel Dagua Red Bourbon Natural

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Flavour Notes: Ripe Mango, Papaya, Honey
Roast Degree: Light
Region: Gaitania, Tolima

Farm: La Holanda
Altitude: 1,750 masl
Variety: Red Bourbon
Process: Natural


Sweetness 8.5/10 - Ripe Mango
Acidity 7.5/10 - Tropical fruit
Body 8.5/10 - Honey
Balance 8/10 -Sweet finish


Manuel Dagua is a coffee farmer from the Nasa Wesx indigenous community. He was born

into a traditional coffee family within the Nasa Wesx community. He is the proud owner of La

Holanda farm, which spans 4 hectares and is situated at an elevation of 1750 m.a.s.l in the

village of San Pedro, Tolima department. This farm has been in his family for generations,

with coffee cultivation starting in 2003.


Both Manuel and his wife are responsible for the farm's maintenance, ensuring its smooth

operation. Additionally, their children are actively involved in the coffee business and are

studying various aspects of quality control.

Espresso Recipe

Yield 56-60g
Temp92-93 °c
Time17-19 secs
EK dial 
Range 1-160.8
Range 1-111.45
Range 1-222.1


1:2.6 ~ 2.7

-Synesso MVP 
Pre-infusion 0.0sec / Pulse 390-400 (52-54g out)
Ramp up 4.0 sec / Ramp down 80%

-Linea PB / KB 90 
Pre-infusion 0.0sec / ABR 50.0g / Pulse 380-390

Brewing Recipe

- V60 or Pourover 

3 pour without agitation.

2:45 ~ 3:00 Brew

Pour 50g(ml)

At 0:35 pour until 150g(ml)

At 1:10 pour until 230g(ml)

After finish brew, add 15g(ml) water into coffee

Yield 250ml
Ek dial 
Range 1-1611.2
Range 1-118.2
Range 1-2215.1

- Moccamaster or Breville Brewer

Yield 1000ml
Ek dial 
Range 1-1613.2
Range 1-119.4
Range 1-2217.8

- Fetco

Yield 2000ml
Ek dial 
Range 1-1614.2
Range 1-1110.2
Range 1-2219.0