Colombia Atilano Giraldo Caturra

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Flavour Notes: Tangerine, Cane Sugar, Plum
Roast Degree: Light
Region: Genova, Quindio

Farm: El Palmichal
Altitude: 1,600 masl
Variety: Caturra
Process: Washed


Sweetness 8/10 - Cane sugar
Acidity 7.5/10 - Tangerine, Citrus
Body 8/10 - Full body
Balance 8/10 -Sweet finish


Atilano is a third-generation coffee grower. His Father was originally from the Antioquia Department and ended up in the Quindio region in the 1950s cultivating coffee and working in the coffee community. Atilano inherited El Palmichal from his father, a 70-hectare farm located in Genova, Quindio at 1600 m.a.s.l.


On his farm, we can also find some shade trees such as Guamo and Nogales. He focuses on organic practices and he cares greatly the soil where he grows his coffee. That is why, instead of adding traditional fertilizer, he first analyzes the soil to verify what nutrients the soil is lacking. Based on these results, he sources the elements the soil needs and adds them to organic compost, and blends them all together. In the main harvest and Mitaca, Atilano generates employment which impacts 3 main groups of people; women (who do the picking and sorting), older people (who help out with various tasks on the farm) and disabled people. He says that he wants to give the same opportunities to these groups because, as he has witnessed, they struggle the most with finding proper employment and good remuneration.


Despite having sisters and brothers, Atilano was the only one who kept the family tradition alive as a coffee grower. Fortunately for him, and the coffee community, one of his sons and some of his nephews are involved and are very eager to learn about coffee production and trade. He is sharing with them all his knowledge about the coffee industry, and how to grow, process, and sell coffee. Atilano’s aim is to share his knowledge with the future generations that will be working the land.

Espresso Recipe

Yield 56-60g
Temp92-93 °c
Time17-19 secs
EK dial 
Range 1-160.8
Range 1-111.45
Range 1-222.1


1:2.6 ~ 2.7

-Synesso MVP 
Pre-infusion 0.0sec / Pulse 390-400 (52-54g out)
Ramp up 4.0 sec / Ramp down 80%

-Linea PB / KB 90 
Pre-infusion 0.0sec / ABR 50.0g / Pulse 380-390

Brewing Recipe

- V60 or Pourover 

3 pour without agitation.

2:45 ~ 3:00 Brew

Pour 50g(ml)

At 0:35 pour until 150g(ml)

At 1:10 pour until 230g(ml)

After finish brew, add 15g(ml) water into coffee

Yield 250ml
Ek dial 
Range 1-1611.2
Range 1-118.2
Range 1-2215.1

- Moccamaster or Breville Brewer

Yield 1000ml
Ek dial 
Range 1-1613.2
Range 1-119.4
Range 1-2217.8

- Fetco

Yield 2000ml
Ek dial 
Range 1-1614.2
Range 1-1110.2
Range 1-2219.0